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Posthumous Profile – Abraham Siner

by Jennifer Jones
Posthumous Profile - Abraham Siner

Abraham Siner’s headstone caught my eye while wandering through Aultorest Cemetery one day. I decided to see what I could find out about his life. Abraham was well known throughout Ogden and I found a few interesting stories about his life.

According to his naturalization application from 1916, he was born in Warsaw, Poland on January 1st, 1876. He emigrated to the United States on November 30th, 1896 sailing from Liverpool, England to Boston, Massachusetts. By 1910 he was living on 25th Street and operating a second hand goods store that also specialized in selling trunks.

Posthumous Profile - Abraham Siner

Shortly after he opened his second-hand goods shop, Abe Siner ran into a string of bad luck. Towards the end of October 1910, Abraham and his business partner sent two men out with his horse and wagon to buy junk from the rural parts of town. They also gave the men $40 to purchase the goods with. When they failed to return in the next day or so it quickly became clear that the men had taken off. A week later Abe reported the theft to the Ogden police. The two men were never seen again.

Posthumous Profile - Abraham SinerAt the end of the following year, Abraham’s wife, Rebecca ran off with one of his employees, a man named Charles Lewis. She had asked her husband for some money and new clothes so that she could take a trip to New York and visit her relatives. Abe bought her a couple of new dresses, a Russia pony coat, a round-trip ticket to New York and $200 in cash.

She left for her trip on the evening of Thursday, December 8th, 1911. That Saturday, Charles Lewis asked Abe if he could borrow $2 in order to see a prize fight in Salt Lake City that evening. Abe gave him the money and Charles Lewis was never seen again.

Apparently, Charles Lewis began bragging to friends about his relationship with Mrs. Siner and word quickly got back to Abraham. On December 13th, 1911 he filed for legal separation from his wife and by February 14th, 1912 he filed for divorce. The divorce was granted on August 15th, 1912. Interestingly enough, Abraham Siner married his second wife Jennie Addleson in Colorado on February 19th, 1912.

Posthumous Profile - Abraham SinerLife for Abraham greatly improved in the following years. His business was booming, and eventually, he went from selling used goods to starting the Utah Trunk Factory. The Utah Trunk Factory was located at 241 25th Street, and the building is still standing. The building is now home to the Needlepoint Joint.

Posthumous Profile - Abraham SinerAbe and Jennie went on to have four children, the last of which was born on October 1st, 1919; nine months after Abe’s death on January 6th, 1919.

Abe died at the age of 46 from a pulmonary embolism. He had surgery for an unknown reason on January 1st, 1919 and according to his death certificate, the pulmonary embolism was related to that surgery. Abe was very prominent in the Brith Sholem congregation in Ogden. After his death, his wife donated the cornerstone in his honor for the new synagogue that was being constructed.

Jennie eventually moved to San Diego with her children and died at the age of 88 in 1973.

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