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Posthumous Profiles – Charlie H. Maxwell

by Jennifer Jones
Charlie Maxwell Headstone - The Dead History

The weather in Ogden has finally turned warm and sunny and we decided to take a quick stroll through the city cemetery.  When I see an unusual tombstone, I like to try and share a little about the person who’s buried there. Honestly, in the years since I’ve been wandering about cemeteries, I have come across the graves of some fascinating people. I decided to start a weekly series called Posthumous Profiles. I’ll share an interesting tombstone from a local cemetery and a little bit about the person’s life.

Charlie Maxwell was 21 years old when he died 107 years ago on May 13th, 1910. He lived near 29th & Grant in Ogden and worked for the Globe Theater as a “moving picture operator”. In fact, he has the distinction of being the first moving picture machine operator in Ogden. At that time, a movie ticket cost 10 cents!  The Globe Theater was demolished years ago, but to give you an idea of its location, it was very near to the Ben Lomond Hotel.

He contracted spinal meningitis and spent three weeks in the hospital before finally succumbing to his illness. On the day of his funeral, May 16th, 1910, all theaters in Ogden closed for the afternoon out of respect for Charlie and to allow for his fellow theater workers to attend his funeral. Charlie was a Woodmen of the World, but unusually his tombstone is not in the typical Woodmen tree trunk style.

Charlie left behind his wife of just over two years, Cora Payne Maxwell. It sounds as if the young couple were both pretty well known around Ogden. While he worked the moving picture machine, she worked the theater ticket window. Shortly after his burial, his wife, father, and sisters thanked the local community for the outpouring of support they received.

Charles H. Maxwell - The Dead History

The Ogden Standard (Ogden, Utah) · Sat, May 21, 1910

The grave of Charlie Maxwell is close to Flo’s Grave, his exact plot is 2A-11-24-1E which is near 9th & North.

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