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Posthumous Profiles: W.W. Pool aka The Richmond Vampire

by Jennifer Jones
The Richmond Vampire - The Dead History

Located in the beautiful Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia sits a fairly unassuming mausoleum. Adorned with a lamb above the iron gated doorway, the inscription simply says W.W. Pool 1913. This mausoleum, however, is strangely connected to an urban legend and a haunted railroad tunnel.

According to the legend, immediately following the Church Hill Tunnel collapse in 1925, a gruesome figure with sharp pointed teeth and flesh hanging from its body emerged from the rubble and dashed towards the Hollywood Cemetery. Men who were working nearby followed the grizzly creature and watched as it disappeared into the W.W. Pool mausoleum. The creature could not be found and has not been seen or heard from since.

There were at least three people entombed inside the Pool mausoleum at one time; William Wortham Pool, his wife Alice, and their adult son, Samuel. The bodies of Alice and William, and possibly Samuel, were relocated to help deter vandalism brought on by the vampire legend. They must have lived some dark and strange life, right? Not quite. For most of his adult life, William was an accountant for Joseph Bryan, a wealthy lawyer who owned the Richmond Times. He was also very involved in civic matters, was a Mason and active in the Methodist church.

William had the mausoleum built after Alice’s death in 1913 from a stomach illness. Originally, there was an engraved plaque underneath the lamb that quoted Isaiah 11:6. W.W. Pool: Richmond’s Reputed Nosferatu

William Pool lived to be 79 years old, and died from pneumonia due to influenza on February 26, 1922 in his home. Very little is mentioned of him in the papers, and I could find no obituary, or other funeral mention. Oddly he seems to have remarried in between 1920 and his death. On his death certificate, his wife is listed as Mary Seay.

Huge thanks to my friends Karin and Holly for snapping these pics while on a trip.

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