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Steed’s Pond – Clearfield Utah

by Jennifer Jones

The Legend:

In the 1980’s a fifth-grade boy went swimming in Steed’s Pond sometime during the Spring or Summer and drowned. Various people have reportedly seen his ghost which stands by the back entrance to the school and leaves behind a puddle of water and wet footprints leading from the pond.

The History:

Some versions of this story state the pond was named after the boy who drowned, or that he is returning to Holt Elementary which is the school he supposedly attended.  The truth is that the pond was actually named for the Steed family who owned farmland in this area, including the pond, from about 1910 until December 1984 when they sold the land to an oil company, who then eventually sold it to the City of Clearfield.

Holt elementary school opened in 1981 and the City of Clearfield was finally able to take possession of the pond sometime in 2007 – 2008.

I have only been able to verify two deaths at Steed’s pond, and they occurred on the same day.  On the afternoon of April 22nd, 1949 three young boys were playing on a raft in the icy pond.  Two of the boys were brothers, Walter and Billy Pacheco and the third was their cousin, Louis.

Steed's Pond - The Dead History

While playing, something caused the raft to overturn throwing Walter, Billy, and Louis into the water.  Billy was able to cling to the raft and make it safely to shore, but Walter and Louis fell into the icy water and soon went under.  Billy ran home to tell his mother, who followed him back to the pond. Despite her desperate cries for the children, there was no answer.

Rescue crews from Hill Air Force Base made their way quickly to the pond and sent out boats with grappling hooks and long poles to hopefully recover their bodies.  The bodies of Walter and Louis were located and pulled from the water around 10:30 pm.   Walter was 9 and Louis was 13 years old.

Louis was buried in the Kaysville Cemetery and Walter was buried out-of-state, most likely in Colorado.

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Dark angle July 3, 2015 - 1:24 am

there is something there, just got back from the pond and the spirit said sorry then my name in an evp we captured after i started feeling sick

Clint C October 23, 2015 - 1:59 am

I remember one day when I was a kid me and a friend we’re walking across the ice on Steeds Pond and the ice broke I fell through struggling lucky enough there was a man close by who pulled me from the water. That was my last and only time at steeds Pond.

Larane Green July 21, 2018 - 6:58 pm

My brother drowned in steeds pond in 1968. James Patrick Ferguson

alix November 14, 2018 - 4:15 pm

i go to holt that freaks me out!!!


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